Universal Pre-K Community Q&A Night

February 2, 2022 all-day

Penfield Community Q/A Session on the Next Year’s UPK Program

The time for the online meeting has not been set yet. Keep an eye out for upcoming contact from the district regarding it.

More Info: https://www.penfield.edu/schools.cfm?subpage=2012176


Program Timeline

February 2, 2022: Community Q and A Night (keep an eye out for this online webinar link)

February 7- February 28, 2022: Open Enrollment: Apply for UPK – Watch here for an online application link!

March 2022: Lottery Selection Process will take place

April 1, 2022: UPK families will be notified of acceptance

April-May 2022: Register with the Penfield Central School District for UPK

September 2022: UPK Starts!

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